Release Notes

Version 1.2.1

Release date: 2022/08/05


  • Updated the CDN URL formats for CDN-based consultation methods in the Cashier Payment and Auto Debit integration guides.
  • Updated the Android SDK and iOS SDK packages for CDN-based consultation methods in Android and iOS integration guides.
  • Removed the allowedPspRegions parameter from the specification of the pay (Cashier Payment) API.
  • Updated the valid values of the walletForAccountBinding.walletName parameter in the specifications of the applyToken and authNotify APIs.

Document improvements

  • Improved the description of the registrationNo parameter in the registration API.

Version 1.2.0

Release date: 2022/07/29


Since 2022/07/29, the Alipay+ Document Center has been restructured to provide you with a better user information experience in the following terms:

  • Centralized content reading: You can select the role and the product that you want to explore to enter a dedicated content domain.
  • Better navigation experience: Horizontal tab navigation plus vertical navigation allows you to find the information more easily and quickly; the aggregated overview page for each tab guides you through the important content that Alipay+ provides to you; quick entry provided for you to arrive at the API and SDK reference in one step.
  • Public technical content information: Since this version, most of the documentation on the Alipay+ Documentation Center has been disclosed to all users except for the following three books:
    • Rules
    • Operation guides
    • Alipay+ Partner Workspace User Guide
  • Standardized version control: Alipay+ supports you in switching the version as you require.
  • Optimized content structure: The content structure of the integration guides is restructured to allow you to find the product introduction, and the content about reconciliation and merchant registration more conveniently. In addition, the product introduction and the integration guides for the Online Payment are also refined to improve the content quality.
  • Useful support information: Find the support information at the footer if you need any help with technical issues or business operations.


  • Released the Alipay+ Unified Payment edition of Auto Debit. For more information, see Product introduction and Integration overview. Accordingly released the Brand Display Guidelines for Auto Debit, which replaces the UX design guideline for Auto Debit.
  • Released two CDN-based methods for consulting the Alipay+ payment method information in Cashier Payment and Auto Debit scenarios. The new methods enable the ACQP/merchant to directly request JSON data or logo assets from the Alipay+ CDN server with the following benefits:
    • less integration cost, higher response speed, and better information transparency
    • streamlined integration experience and better real-time performance

For more information, see the topic How to consult the payment method information in the Cashier Payment and Auto Debit integration guides.


Alipay+ continues to maintain the consultPayment API to provide service consistency. ACQPs that have integrated the consultPayment API are not impacted. For how to consult Alipay+ payment method information by using the consultPayment API, see consultPayment integration.

  • Added the settlement message function for ACQPs. For how to enable this function to receive a message that is attached to each Alipay+ settlement, see Receive settlement message in the Reconcile section.

Other document improvements

Version 1.1.0

Release date: 2022/04/15

This version covers the updates since 2022/04/15, which mainly include the following important additions and improvements:

  • Released the Alipay+ Unified Payment edition of Cashier Payment. In this version, Alipay+ supports consulting the payment method information via the consultPayment API or the Alipay+ ACQP Client SDK. Since 2022/05/27, Alipay+ has supported the aggregated logo feature.
  • Added the support of the TSP integration mode for ACQPs.
  • Improve the API reference documentation in terms of the parameter descriptions, result codes, and so on.
  • Optimized the documentation of Reconciliation in terms of adding a guide about how to perform reconciliation, refining the parameter description and sample codes, and so on.
  • Added the documentation for support of BNPL channels.
  • Added the FAQ documentation for ACQPs.

For more information about all the updates in Version 1.1.0, see the change history below.

History for previous updates

Note: Starting from 2022/07/29, the Alipay+ documentation is restructured to support version control. The following list describes important updates to our documentation before this date.

July 15 2022


  • Changed the merchantInfo.registrationDetail.registrationNo parameter in the registration API from Required to Optional to satisfy the needs of individual merchant registration.
  • Added the following 6 valid values to the pspRegistrationResultList.pspName parameter in the inquiryRegistrationStatus and notifyRegistrationStatus APIs to keep consistent with the newly-launched feature for merchant registration at MPP's side:
    • BPI
    • BOOST
    • NaverPay
    • KLARNA
    • TINABA

Document improvements

  • Improved the Reconcile section in that:
    • Optimized the Overview topic to include information about some basic concepts about the reconciliation.
    • Added a topic Perform reconciliation to introduce a step-to-step guide on how to do reconciliations.
    • Updated the samples and the description of the parameters in each financial report.
    • Added a subsection Explore more to introduce miscellaneous information, for example, how to select the reconciliation mode, and how to handle exceptional cases.
  • Removed the following 25 request parameters from the specification of the registration API. Note that this change is backward compatible.
    • merchantInfo.logo.logoName
    • merchantInfo.logo.logoUrl
    • merchantInfo.merchantAddress.region
    • merchantInfo.merchantAddress.state
    • merchantInfo.merchantAddress.address1
    • merchantInfo.merchantAddress.address2
    • merchantInfo.merchantAddress.zipCode
    • merchantInfo.representativeName
    • merchantInfo.representativeId
    • merchantInfo.registrationDetail.attachments.attachmentType
    • merchantInfo.registrationDetail.attachments.file
    • merchantInfo.registrationDetail.attachments.attachmentName
    • merchantInfo.registrationDetail.attachments.content
    • merchantInfo.registrationDetail.attachments.contentType
    • merchantInfo.registrationDetail.contactInfo.contactNo
    • merchantInfo.registrationDetail.contactInfo.contactType
    • merchantInfo.registrationDetail.registrationEffectiveDate
    • merchantInfo.registrationDetail.registrationExpireDate
    • merchantInfo.shareholderName
    • merchantInfo.shareholderId
    • storeInfo.feeTier
    • storeInfo.storeContacts.fullName
    • storeInfo.storeContacts.identificationId
    • storeInfo.storeContacts.contactNo

June 30 2022

Document improvements

  • Updated the API reference documentation, to make it more accurate and clear. This includes:
    • Added more detailed descriptions. For example, for optional request parameters, added conditions when these parameters are recommended to be specified by the ACQP; for optional response parameters, added conditions when these parameters are returned by Alipay+.
    • Refined the Result processing logic section for APIs that are invoked by the ACQP.
    • Added the How to return the result section for APIs that are invoked by Alipay+.
    • Adjusted the sequence of some parameters based on their relevance.
    • Fixed several errors in the sample codes.
    • Fixed some grammatical errors to improve readability.

For more information, see API Reference (ACQP).

  • Updated the Result codes table as follows:
    • Added the NO_INTERFACE_DEF result code for all APIs.
    • Added the PAYMENT_AMOUNT_INVALID result code for the following APIs:
      • pay (Auto Debit)
      • pay (User-presented Mode Payment)
      • pay (Merchant-presented Mode Payment - Entry Code)
      • pay (Merchant-presented Mode Payment - Order Code)
      • pay (Cashier Payment)
      • userInitiatedPay
    • Added the ORDER_IS_CLOSED result code for the userInitiatedPay API.
    • Added the CURRENCY_NOT_SUPPORT result code for the refund API.
    • Deleted the INVALID_API result code for all APIs.
    • Deleted the EXPIRED_CODE result code for the following APIs:
      • pay (Merchant-presented Mode Payment - Entry Code)
      • pay (Merchant-presented Mode Payment - Order Code)
      • pay (Cashier Payment)
    • Deleted the INVALID_CODE result code for the following APIs:
      • pay (Merchant-presented Mode Payment - Entry Code)
      • pay (Merchant-presented Mode Payment - Order Code)
      • pay (Cashier Payment)
    • Deleted the REPEAT_REQ_INCONSISTENT result code for the registration API.
    • Deleted the REGISTRATION_STATUS_ABNORMAL result code for the notifyRegistrationStatus API.
  • Updated the brand display guidelines. This includes the following documents:
  • Changed the term Legacy Documentation to Older Edition, because the Tile and Bundle Mode of Cashier Payment is still available for some clients, and its documentation is still maintained. For more information, see Older Edition.

May 27 2022


  • Released the aggregated logo feature for Cashier Payment (Alipay+ Unified Payment). For more information, see UX design guideline and Product introduction.
  • Released the TSP integration mode for ACQPs. In this mode, ACQPs can integrate Alipay+ products by cooperating with their TSPs. For more information, see the following three documents:


Document improvements

  • Deleted the appIdentifier parameter in the pay (cashier payment) API.
  • Added the enumeration values of the paymentOptions.promoNames parameter in the consultPayment API to include the usable languages for the promotion names.
  • Added a parameter pspId to the response parameters in the pay (cashier payment) API.
  • Changed the report names in the Reconcile section of all the integration documents to match the names in the Alipay+ Rules. Specifically:
    • Clearing Transaction Report is changed to Transaction Detail Report.
    • Clearing Summary Report is changed to Transaction Summary Report.
    • Clearing Fee Report is changed to Fee Report.
  • Deleted the scopes parameter from the idempotency fields table as it can not be used to control the idempotency for the prepare API.

April 29 2022



Document improvements

  • Updated the notification retry period from "up to 24 hours" to "up to 24 hours 22 minutes" for the notifyPayment API.
  • Changed the accuracy of the Request-Time and Response-Time header fields from milliseconds to seconds.
  • Changed the conditionality of the following parameters from Required to Optional for the consultPayment API:
    • merchant.merchantMCC
    • merchant.merchantName
    • merchant.merchantAddress

April 15 2022


  • Released the Alipay+ Unified Payment edition of Cashier Payment. For more information, see Product introduction.
  • Released the Alipay+ ACQP Client SDK. For more information, see SDK Reference.
  • Added older edition documentation for Cashier Payment tile and bundle mode. For more information, see Older Edition.


  • Upgraded the pay and consultPayment APIs for the Alipay+ Unified Payment edition of Cashier Payment.

March 31 2022


  • Added a glossary of terms that are used in Alipay+ for your convenience. For more information, see Glossary.


  • Fixed the spelling of the following parameters in the Clearing Transaction Report and Clearing Fee Report:
    • Updated orignalTransactionRequestId to originalTransactionRequestId.
    • Updated feeSettleAmountValue to feeSettlementAmountValue.